Our Mission

We provide a place of continual learning and skill development utilizing equine partners to foster patience, positivity, and safe practices. Our horses provide the opportunity for hands-on horsemanship, empowering our students to develop confidence and compassion. We offer lessons, summer camps, clinics, schooling shows, and adult riding programs in a supportive and conscientious environment.

Bright Star Riding is a public education nonprofit corporation; 501(c)(3).

About our instructor

Bright Star Riding is the dream project of instructor and trainer Kari Hall.  Kari has been teaching and training for 18 years, 10 of them here in Jackson, WY. Growing up as a Pony Club and 4-H kid on the East Coast gave Kari a very well-rounded understanding of the horse and all that one could be capable of.  She began training and starting horses as a youngster, starting colts and fillies and working with off-the-track thoroughbreds. Kari has competed successfully in Eventing, dressage, hunter/jumpers, equitation team, western and ranch pleasure, and competitive trail classes. Kari was certified at the highest level as an instructor through CHA, a equine certification nationally recognized for its focus on safety.  

The goal of Bright Star Riding is to strengthen the communication between horse and rider focusing on natural horsemanship in any discipline.  There are many tools to have in your toolbox as an equestrian and with a strong foundation, anything can be achieved.  Whether you are looking to compete, improve your horsemanship skills, or are starting from the very beginning, we have horses that will keep you safe and progressing.  

Bright Star Riding offers many options for riding.  We offer private, semi-private (2 riders), and group (3-5 riders) lessons. We also offer an afterschool program in the spring and fall, and camps in the summer. Please contact Kari at with any and all questions.  

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