What do I need to bring to my first lesson? 

You or you child will need to have completed the New Student Packet which requires signatures from an adult.  This packet includes a waiver, a student information form, and our policies and procedures.  


What do I need to wear to lessons?

Riders are required to wear long pants, and smooth soled, heeled boots. Tennis shoes and most rain or muck boots are not allowed.  If you do not have boots meeting these requirements, we MAY have a pair that you could borrow for the lesson.  


Do I need to wear a helmet?

Absolutely, 100%, YES.  For our younger riders, helmets are required while handling horses on the ground as well as while riding.  Helmets are required for ALL RIDERS while mounted.  If you do not have your own helmet, BSR is happy to provide one for you to borrow. Helmets must be ASTM certified, SEI approved.  Bike helmets are not permitted. 


Will I get to pick which horse I ride?

We will try to accommodate your requests, but do not count on always getting your favorite mount.  There are many factors that play into which horse you are able to ride which day, and ALL pairs must be approved by the instructor for each ride.  


Can I leave my child at the barn before or after their scheduled lesson?

Any student that will be at the barn and NOT in a lesson, MUST be pre-approved by the instructor. If students are being left at the barn before or after their scheduled lessons, they will be expected to help with chores.  


Can I use my own tack on the horses?

Most likely, no. Each horse has tack that fits them very precisely, and their comfort is of the uptmost importance.  In a rare case, if your tack fits the horse impeccably, the tack will be approved for use.  


Is the horse already groomed and tacked for me before my lesson time?

In the event that the horse you will be riding was used in a lesson before your scheduled time, the horse may be tacked.  BUT, you should ALWAYS come at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson time to catch, groom, and tack.  For the more novice riders, learning about grooming and tacking is including in the lesson time.  


What happens in the case of inclement weather?

As written in our policies and procedures form, the instructor reserves the right to have an unmounted lesson under shelter, or to cancel the lesson with short notice.  This is at the INSTUCTORS discretion only. 


Can I bring my dog(s) down to the barn? 

We prefer that you do not. However, we never want a dog left in a hot car while you or your child is riding, either.  So, if you must have your dog with you, IT MUST BE ON A LEASH and your dog must be quiet (no barking, no growling, no whining). If, for any reason, your dog is unsuitable around students, horses, or other dogs, BSR reserves the right to not allow that dog down at the barn in the future. We love all animals, but we must enforce these rules strictly to keep everyone SAFE.